Whats Neoprene?

Whats Neoprene?

Product of Neoprene:

Product description:Neoprene CR SBR, neoprene, CS (SCR) is a kind of synthetic rubber foam, feel is exquisite, high elasticity, aging resistance, abrasion resistance, ozone resistance, softness, good shockproof, insulation, high elasticity, ductility, watertight, airtight etc. characteristics. It can match various cloth jointing, and made all kinds of related products. 

Series of products applicable to: scuba diving, surfing, fishing boat, underwear, gloves, sports, medical, horse gear, belt, insulation material, shoes, bag material, bath mat, car cushion, seat cover, and related products...

Diving material thickness: 1 mm ~ 40 mm can produce single (slicing processing).

According to the customer demand change options: fit / embossed / punching

Laminated fabric: nylon fabric (N America), polyester fabric (T best), Lycra, silk, cloth, PK cloth, OK cloth, printed cloth, wearing camouflage cloth, elastic cloth, cotton cloth, super Nubuck, aluminum foil, cloth and various industrial fabric waterproof... (single-sided cloth or double sided with Bu Junke).


Embossing: beautiful appearance can be increased and the friction slip function.

Punching: can increase the ductility of more air exhaust heat effect.

* CR: (Neoprene) Chloroprene Rubber chloroprene rubber.
SBR:Styrene Butadiene Rubber, styrene butadiene rubber.

To mix with SBR CR SBR / CR (Compound / CS senior mixed rubber / SCR), both the rubber properties, not only the basic properties of the upgrade, more
CR with different composition, different grades of products developed to meet the needs of various customers. 

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